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Durable UNISEX SCRUBS in Cape Town

The days when doctors and nurses only wore white uniforms are long gone. Employees in the modern-day healthcare industry wear medical scrubs, which can be worn in different styles and colours. Uniform Specialist offers a large range of medical wear, for various medical industries. We also supply unisex medical scrubs in Cape Town, and the rest of South Africa.

Medical scrubs were originally only used in the operating room by surgeons and other operating personnel. The term “scrubs” originates from doctors and nurses sterilizing themselves, “scrubbing in,” before a surgery. Nowadays, however, scrubs are worn by most hospital personnel and are often used to differentiate between medical departments by having them wear specific colours. Medical professionals in the dental and veterinary industries sometimes opt to wear scrubs on duty as well.

Scrubs are specially designed to promote a hygienic environment. Our scrubs consist of a unisex V-neck top, with side patch pockets and a top pen pocket. The top has side slits to comfortably accommodate various body shapes. The high-waisted pants are fitted with an elastic drawstring, specifically for comfort and movability.


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The fabrics used to manufacture scrubs are easy to clean and are mostly stain resistant. At Uniform Specialist we supply unisex scrubs that are made from a fabric known as Cooltron. This heavyweight fabric offers stretch, can handle moisture and also provides breathability. Therefore, it is the perfect fabric to ensure that medical personnel are comfortable at all times.

We manufacture scrubs in green, pink, black, white, and a selection of blues. Clients are welcome to view our selection of Cooltron fabrics to choose the preferred fabric colour for their scrubs.

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