Corporate wear refers to a uniform or dress code that is applicable in a corporate working environment. It creates an identity unique ...



The benefits of wearing a standardised uniform in the workplace are countless. This is also true in the healthcare sector...



In the hospitality industry, first impressions are crucial. Uniforms are a large part of any hotel, restaurant, or resort’s image...



Over the years, uniforms have become a lot more fashionable, especially in the beauty industry.These days, any colour and style goes...


MEDICAL UNIFORMS for all medical personnel

The benefits of wearing a standardised uniform in the workplace are countless. This is also true in the healthcare sector. In fact, medical scrubs, lab coats, and other medical uniforms, hold benefits for both the patient and medical professionals. Not only do these uniforms ensure that personnel look professional, it also protects them from unpleasant discharges and infections that they are exposed to in a hospital or similar environment.

Our uniform range for the medical industry are manufactured with hygiene and sanitary features in mind. The garments are usually designed in such a way as to let the minimum number of bacteria and microorganisms onto the skin of the wearer. This precaution prohibits diseases and life-threatening infections from spreading.

Most medical garments consist of two pieces, an upper- and bottom-piece, for comfort and flexibility. Traditionally, these uniforms were manufactured in white fabrics, since it resembled sanitation. However, it was found that the bright hospital lights and white uniforms caused strain on surgeons’ eyes, and it was difficult to keep clean. Therefore, colour uniforms are now preferred in surgeries. A lot of medical professionals that do not work inside the operating room still prefer to wear white uniforms, since it symbolises authority.

The definitive white doctor’s coat is still largely worn in hospitals. The white coat serves various functions, such as easy recognition, large pockets for storing items and to keep the clothes underneath clean.


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Our medical range

We manufacture and supply a large range of medical wear for both men and women at Uniform Specialist. Our garments are manufactured with practicality and comfort in mind. Most of the upper-piece garments are fitted with large pockets, allowing medical personnel to carry necessary equipment around with them.

Feel free to browse through our selection of uniforms suited for medical practices online, or contact us to find out more.

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