Corporate wear refers to a uniform or dress code that is applicable in a corporate working environment. It creates an identity unique ...



The benefits of wearing a standardised uniform in the workplace are countless. This is also true in the healthcare sector...



In the hospitality industry, first impressions are crucial. Uniforms are a large part of any hotel, restaurant, or resort’s image...



Over the years, uniforms have become a lot more fashionable, especially in the beauty industry.These days, any colour and style goes...


A large selection of HOSPITALITY UNIFORMS in Cape Town

In the hospitality industry, first impressions are crucial. Uniforms are a large part of any hotel, restaurant, or resort’s image. All aspects of service in the hospitality industry should be coordinated, so that clients can experience the full package. This full package includes the uniforms that the employees are required to wear. If you are on the lookout for top quality hospitality uniforms in Cape Town, to enhance your hotel or restaurant’s image, you have certainly come to the right place.

In the hospitality industry, if your staff are dressed poorly or seem untidy, it could reflect negatively on your business and potentially impact on your client relationships. In a restaurant, for example, clean uniforms are essential to assure clients that the facilities are hygienic. Hospitality uniforms serve a dual function: it ensures that employees are protected under health and safety regulations, while also promoting the business.


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 How hospitality uniforms can affect your business

If you are the owner of a bar, restaurant, hotel, lodge, or any other company in the hospitality industry, you might be interested to know just how largely your employees’ uniforms can affect your business.

 Here are some of the ways in which your staff members' appearance influence your business:

Brand identity

Uniforms form a large part of a restaurant or hotel’s overall image. Since the hospitality industry is so competitive, with endless options to choose from, differentiating your brand is important - you need to lure as many customers as you can! Hospitality uniforms are an effective way to enhance your brand and make sure that people notice it


A great restaurant experience is not only about the quality of the food, believe it or not. The customer’s experience is dependent on a few factors such as décor, atmosphere and the staff’s appearance. Therefore, these elements need to be addressed to ensure that a welcoming and professional atmosphere is created.

Motivated employees

Working in the hospitality industry requires interaction with clients, which means that employees need to have the right attitude and appearance at all times. Putting on a uniform allows them to step into a role to serve the customers and represent the organisation.

Health and safety

The hospitality industry is varied and employees are responsible for a range of different tasks. Housekeepers, for example, are exposed to chemicals and cleaning equipment and therefore need a uniform that will protect them from these elements, whereas a chef is exposed to hot ovens and fryers and therefore requires a uniform that will protect him/her. It is important that employers take these considerations into mind when purchasing staff uniforms.

We at Uniform Specialist have designed an extensive range of uniforms suited for all employees in the hospitality sector. So, if you are in search of affordable hospitality uniforms in Cape Town, contact us.

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