Corporate wear refers to a uniform or dress code that is applicable in a corporate working environment. It creates an identity unique ...



The benefits of wearing a standardised uniform in the workplace are countless. This is also true in the healthcare sector...



In the hospitality industry, first impressions are crucial. Uniforms are a large part of any hotel, restaurant, or resort’s image...



Over the years, uniforms have become a lot more fashionable, especially in the beauty industry.These days, any colour and style goes...

unity - a sense of belonging

If all employees are wearing the same uniform, a sense of unity will develop in the workplace. Since everyone is wearing the same, people will feel that they are part of the company more easily. This team mentality will result in employees communicating better, being more productive, and feeling more motivated.

Often times, if a client notices that a group of employees are wearing corporate clothing, they will feel assured about making use of the company’s services.


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Corporate clothing refers to a uniform or dress code that is applicable in a corporate working environment. It creates an identity unique to a business/service in an instant. If your employees are wearing corporate uniforms, they will be instantly recognisable, creating awareness for your brand.

There are many benefits to having employees wear corporate clothing in a working environment.

Here are some reasons to consider investing in corporate uniforms for your business:


How CORPORATE CLOTHING can benefit your business

eQUALITY - camaraderie among employees

If employees are required to wear corporate clothing to work, their different economic backgrounds are not obvious in the workplace. This way, uniforms ensure that every employee in the workplace is equal.

Although everyone in the company then wears uniforms, having different uniforms for people of authority is a smart way of indicating who is in charge.

hONOUR - part of the perks

A lot of employees see it as an honour to receive a uniform from their employer. This confirms that they are worthy of representing the company both in and out of the office. In this regard, corporate clothing serves as a motivation for employees.

As part of the perks, employees will also save a lot of time, energy and money, since they will not have to search for, and spend money on the correct working attire.

awareness - brand visibility

A corporate uniform creates brand awareness, since an individual is immediately identified as being part of a certain company or work industry. Therefore, corporate uniforms can create visibility for your brand outside of the office.

respect - make employees more approachable

In industries where the customer is the focus, corporate wear often allows customers to feel confident about approaching employees. This is because a uniform symbolises knowledge and confidence, giving the brand a sense of respect and improving customer relations.

What we offer

At Uniform Specialist we stock a large selection of stylish corporate clothing, for both men and women. We offer corporate shirts, dresses, skirts, blazers, and more. Our corporate wear is manufactured from top quality MST and PVS fabrics. Each one of our designs can be tailormade to suit the sizing requirements of our clients.

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