Corporate wear refers to a uniform or dress code that is applicable in a corporate working environment. It creates an identity unique ...



The benefits of wearing a standardised uniform in the workplace are countless. This is also true in the healthcare sector...



In the hospitality industry, first impressions are crucial. Uniforms are a large part of any hotel, restaurant, or resort’s image...



Over the years, uniforms have become a lot more fashionable, especially in the beauty industry.These days, any colour and style goes...


Keep your company’s image professional with our BEAUTY UNIFORMS

Over the years, uniforms have become a lot more fashionable, especially in the beauty industry. These days, any colour and style goes, allowing business owners to be bold and make a statement with their employees’ uniforms, while still being professional. You have come to the perfect place for beauty uniforms that will make an impression that lasts.

At Uniform Specialist we have designed a range of uniforms that are both appealing and practical, making it ideal for the beauty industry. We understand the importance of staff uniforms in an industry that is all about improving others’ appearance. If your employees are looking good, clients will immediately trust your services, allowing them to feel comfortable and enjoy their time at your salon or spa.

Our beauty wear has been designed with the daily task of a beauty therapist in mind. The fabrics we use, Cooltron, MST and PVS, have been specifically chosen to keep the wearer cool and comfortable all day. These are durable fabrics that are easy to maintain and keep clean. We offer different uniform options, depending on the type of beauty business you run – we have uniforms suited for hairdressers, stylists, colourists, nail technicians, masseuses, etc.


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We have a range of tunics, waistcoats and trousers available, all designed to be comfortable and practical, while still ensuring that your employees look elegant and presentable and show pride in their work. Our designs allow clients to mix and match garments to suit all weather conditions, year-round.

For salon or spa owners it is important to realise the enormous impact that staff uniforms have on your business. Since you and your employees represent an ideal beauty image, it is important to always look your absolute best, to inspire clients and let them feel that you can assist them in making themselves look beautiful.

Clients can rest assured that Uniform Specialist offers a range of uniforms that are sure to make their salon or spa memorable. If you would like to know more about acquiring staff uniforms for your spa or salon, feel free to contact us.

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