Corporate wear refers to a uniform or dress code that is applicable in a corporate working environment. It creates an identity unique ...



The benefits of wearing a standardised uniform in the workplace are countless. This is also true in the healthcare sector...



In the hospitality industry, first impressions are crucial. Uniforms are a large part of any hotel, restaurant, or resort’s image...



Over the years, uniforms have become a lot more fashionable, especially in the beauty industry.These days, any colour and style goes...


SEEKING QUALITY CLOTHING manufactures in Cape Town? Look no further!

Welcome to Uniform Specialist! We are professional clothing manufacturers in Cape Town.

As clothing manufacturers, we know from experience that formal uniforms have a positive impact on the culture and functionality of a business. Uniforms suggest solidarity and unity, which means that employees wearing the same uniform develop a sense of commonality. Wearing a uniform will encourage unity, pride and equality amongst your employees. This feeling of community can enhance your company’s image and benefit the overall working culture and experience.

Uniformity is an employee-owned business and owns the Uniform Specialist brand. We specialize in manufacturing tailormade clothing for the beauty, corporate, hospitality and medical industries. We will take your request, source the fabric, design the garment and deliver an end product of an unbeatable standard. All our garments are manufactured in adherence with quality standards and are made with only the best fabrics available.

We are a Proudly South African company and pride ourselves on the fact that we source all our fabrics locally. From us, clients can expect high quality garments, made to last. We also take great pride in our short production times and competitive prices. We believe that it is both our work ethic and fun company culture that make us one of the top clothing manufacturers in the Cape surrounds.

If you would like to find out more about our selection of garments for a specific industry, feel free to contact us.


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